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YouTube ads, really?

I admit, I love YouTube, I get a massive amount of information from the platform for work and I also use it all day at home. Yes, it is true, AppleTV and YouTube have saved my wife and I from total mental collapse, Telletubbies are now available 24/7 in our home and our little man […]

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What the Corner Store can teach us about Social Media

The buzzwords are getting tired already and yet the majority of business owners still don’t know what it all means: Social Media, Interaction, the Conversation, open dialogue et al: what can Social Media really teach us? The idea of engaging with clients, hearing feedback and acting upon it seems so fresh and insightful and yet, […]

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Tips to Social Media Success

Whilst it is clear that Brands are owned more by the consumer than the producer today, there are some things that the company behind the brand can do to help maximise Social Media Relevance and Presence, what I call YOUGLE. Firstly, let me explain why consumers own your brand: there are tens, hundreds, thousands or […]

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The effectiveness of ROI

When determining the ROI of Social Media, I often get blank stares from clients who wonder how I could incredulously say that ROI can be measured in things other than the bottom line. Here is a beautiful infographic explaining how this works. With thanks to