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The Friendship Measure

What is an interaction? What is feeling and how can it be measured? We can look at the standard ROI labels and perhaps even measure consumer sentiment by scanning media for positives and negatives, but that doesn’t work for me. How do you measure friendship? Sure, there’s a scale from Best Man and Bridesmaid down […]

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Say it, I dare you, say “We’re Sorry”.

Monday, the first day of spring, brought with it a digital storm a Winter to Westeros would be proud of, at least for Standard Bank. Their system crashed, their hardware crashed or their attempted system upgrade crashed, we can’t be sure, they haven’t really explained themselves. Things go wrong, that’s how it is, and we […]

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2013 – The Power Shift

One of the biggest shifts in late 2012, which will shape the landscape of products and, especially services and entertainment in the future, is the awareness by consumers that they really can get tailormade services delivered to their doorstep – and they are in control of it. There are, of course, a host of pretentious […]