Posted on September 15, 2014 by clint on Uncategorized

Say it, I dare you, say “We’re Sorry”.

Monday, the first day of spring, brought with it a digital storm a Winter to Westeros would be proud of, at least for Standard Bank.

Their system crashed, their hardware crashed or their attempted system upgrade crashed, we can’t be sure, they haven’t really explained themselves.

Things go wrong, that’s how it is, and we are human and to err, is, well, human.

What is also human is to tell the truth, something Brands struggle with, none more so than giant institutions such as Standard Bank.

We don’t know where the money went for 24 hours, we don’t know why and we don’t know how. We actually don’t even know if it’s really fixed because each announcement from the bank has been met with posts showing them to be blatantly telling stories, half-truths if you will.

So they failed that so simple and yet so sacred rule number 1 of Social Media – telling the truth.

The continue to fail, and this is perhaps much more insightful into the nature of the individuals behind the bank, in that not one post or tweet that I have seen nor in any phone call that I have had with them, has anyone said ‘we’re sorry’.

Sorry, just say it Standard Bank. One word, Sorry. Is that too much to ask? You’ve failed miserably on this one and the arrogance of not apologising makes it even worse.

Things go wrong, we are human, to not say sorry, is like saying you really are insignificant, go away.

Learn the lesson, be human, first.