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The art of storytelling and why classifieds will win (at least for now)

In the ’80s and ’90s we were introduced to the idea of product placement in media.
When E.T. was lured out of hiding using Reece’s Pieces by Elliot in 1982, the idea was cast as a great way to introduce product to an unsuspecting audience.

So what has changed?
Product placement became standard, even James Bond dumped his British Aston Martin for a while to get in those BMW euros.

But people tired of product placement, it came to be seen as tacky and unoriginal – an intrusion into our lives like billboards on a Sunday drive.

The Social Story
Then enter Social Media and the idea of ‘the conversation’ or, more recently ‘storytelling’. Yes, the brands now make the media themselves and put their own product in it. It’s entertaining, it’s funny and we take a less-than-six-minute break and are okay with the product placement in exchange for this.

Reverse Product Placement
Basically what we are seeing is product placement in reverse now – brands telling entertaining stories that might show the produce, maybe. 6 Minutes or less or it won’t be viewed on mobile. So that becomes the norm, no one stands out.

No one ‘breaks the clutter’ as everyone is storytelling.
So, we all know more or less what we want, anyway, and we know how to search. So we search for what we want. What we want is a price and a place, good old fashioned classified advertising, or retail, nothing clever, just information driven.

That’s the new big thing, and it’s got all the things we look for in a great brand campaign:

1. Meaningful engagement (I ask you tell)
2. Honesty (the price)
3. Transparency (how much stock do you have and where)
4. Mutual understanding (I want it, you’ve got it, let’s dance)

So that’s next, classifieds, retail, price point is king, you can keep the storytelling for bed time, as long as I get a glass of milk and an Oreo, thanks.

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